June 28, 2009

Ok, seriously, June, you can be over now.

Billy Mays dead?! SHEEESH! He made Oxy-Clean and Orange Glo seem so amazing!!!!!

No more death please, June 2009. The past few days partnered with the blah cloudy gloom today is making me feel a bit down in the dumps.

Anyways. This has been a most uneventful weekend. I had so many things I should have done...but didn't. I lazed around most of yesterday and today trying to hold on to the hours of free time as long as possible (by doing nothing, oh the irony!).

My mom purchased me a pressure cooker through Sears this past week. We went to pick it up yesterday and I'm soooo excited to use it tonight. My mom and grandmother have always made food in the pressure cooker and they taste so fantastic. I haven't really learned to use it in all those years, but my mom has given me guidance and I'm excited to make her and g-ma's delicious beef with gravy. MMMMM...beef with gravy and chicken and dumplings are two of the best things that come out of pressure cookers in my opinion. I will be making the latter tomorrow night.

Things on the exercise front have been going well. Wii Active makes me SWEAT like crazy. It's mostly toning exercises though, and even though I'm on fire afterwards, I realize I need to add more cardio in the mix. I've been doing the 30-day Shred occasionally after the Wii Active when I feel I need a bit more, but that's a lot of toning as well. I think it's time to jump back on my old friend the Elliptical. UGH.

On a positive note, my husband said my legs feel tighter! And they do!! I was surprised to feel a bit a muscle through my chunkiness. If that's not motivation, I don't know what is. (-: I haven't done any official measurements yet, but I think I will schedule that and a weigh-in for next Sunday.

Hope everyone is well!

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  1. Wow. So many people die this month. Anyway, I am happy for you. Good eating and exercise. Hope the best for you guys.