July 10, 2009


Happy Friday! Oh man, this week could not be over soon enough!

Having to be at work by 6:30am everday + evening sinus headaches + benedryl = URRRGH.

I'm doing it all for next week though! My DEB is coming on Tuesday and will be here for a week. I'm SUPER excited!!!! We've got a concert on Thursday and many plans for the DC area! I've got next Friday, the following Monday and Tuesday off, so that's ample time for some fun. (Plus I've sadly lived here for 3 years and haven't really done much of anything........)

On the agenda for this weekend: Summer cleaning. Floors need mopping desperately, windows need cleaning and furniture needs dusting. I'm hoping to do it all tomorrow and be able to rest on Sunday.

Also, MUST FINISH WATCHING LAST FOUR EPISODES OF TRUE BLOOD SEASON ONE! Funny story about when I still had cable (AND HBO), I was too lazy to watch True Blood when it actually came on, so I was catching it on the OnDemand feature. I got up to episode 8, took a week off and then came back to finish and they took them off! Just my luck. So naturally, I was psyched when the dvd came out a few weeks ago. We snatched it up on the first day it came out.....and it's been sitting on the bookshelf ever since.

I am blaming the Tudors on that one, I guess. I bought season one awhile ago, became hooked on it. Ran out and bought season two and ravaged that. LOVED IT! It's horribly historically inaccurate, but it's a fun show and Jonathan Rhys Meyer's is a wonderfully, passionate Henry VIII character. I cannot wait for Season 3 to come out on dvd!!

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