June 26, 2009

June 25th, 2009.

I just wanted to record a few thoughts here about yesterday. I'm sure some day in the future, they'll be a conversation about "where were you when Michael Jackson died?"

The simple answer: At home. Just finished exercising. I was feeling more than a little bit bummed about the passing of Farrah Fawcett and then my mom called me and said: "DID YOU HEAR THAT MICHAEL JACKSON DIED?!?"

No, I didn't.

Honestly, before I went off to exercise and eat dinner, I saw a blurb on yahoo about MJ being rushed to the hospital, but didn't click on it or pay much attention to it. )-:

I am sad. No matter what I've thought or didn't think of him in the past decade of his life, I will never forget how much I used to love him when I was a little girl.

Things I will remember about yesterday and his death will be the amazing powers of people to close down the internet! After I heard, I, like many others, rushed to the internet, but couldn't get on many sites because they were overloaded!! ONTD shut down freakin' livejournal!

Also, going on iTunes, there are tons of MJ songs and Jackson 5 songs on the TOP SONGS list, and MJ has 8 albums in the TOP ALBUMS. Amazing!

My absolute favorite thing about Michael Jackson when I was kid was Moonwalker. Undoubtedly, I ran that tape into the ground watching it.

One of the best parts was the Moonwalker version of Smooth Criminal which I just thought was sooooo awesome:

Also, the Bad version in it that was done with all the kids:

LOVE. (-:

But mostly, as a young kid, I remember watching it and feeling sorry for him because of the video Leave Me Alone, which was basically about all the crap he got in the tabloids:

I still feel bad for him to this day. I think he had a lot of problems, but that doesn't make me feel any less passionate about his music. R.I.P. Mr Jackson.

PS, my best memory from going to Disney World/Epcott from the 80s was seeing his Captain EO in 3-d!!!!

Also, as mentioned previously, I'm really bummed about Farrah Fawcett. I watched her special last month, Farrah's Story, and wept. What an absolutely beautiful person she was and she tried to so hard to beat the cancer. If you haven't watched the documentary, it is on hulu here: Farrah's Story.

I'm almost sad for her sometimes when I think she got saddled with Ryan O'Neal as her lover, but heck, I feel bad for saying it because she loved him so much. And her son too. I hope that her boy can get his life together, considering he couldn't even be there by her side when she passed as he was in jail.

She was so beautiful and had such a sweet demeanor and voice. R.I.P, bb.

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  1. Gah, I was just rewatching Smooth Criminal and I get goosebumps to see his dancing! He was really something.

    I had to comment in my own post to say that, haha.