June 22, 2009


Today was sure a test. I was actually feeling rarely fantastic today (especially for a Monday)--like good mood fantastic, energy fantastic...

Then my husband called to tell me that he is now unemployed.


Normally, I would go on the stress spiral and just throw up my hands and eat a big meal full of junk and lay in bed. But I've turned a new corner in living and decided nuts to that!

I didn't go out and get something crazy horrible for dinner. We DID go to Chik-fil-a, but I got the chicken sandwich with a side salad and light dressing. AND we did go to Stone Cold Creamery where I picked up a Birthday Cake Remix ice cream--but I haven't even eaten any yet, and don't know if I will tonight.

PLUS, I EXERCISED. What a Monday!

I picked up the Wii Active last week and have been really on the ball with it. I'm very impressed--it's nothing like Wii Fit. Wii Active is actually a work out and I have partaken in its 30 Day Challenge which has been fantastic. It actually makes me sweat.

AND, when I put my pants on this morning, they felt a little bit loose. WOO!

So here's to me sticking to something. It's a festivus miracle!!

That's all.


  1. oh no. I wish you guys the best of everything.

    Thumb up on the losing weight process. :D



  2. Thanks, Cat. Things will get better, I'm sure. I'm trying to stay positive here. (-: