April 30, 2009

Yes, I did.


Dear Suddenly Pasta Salad:

I know I didn't stop at the Target to actually buy you--but there you were, on the shelf, at a dastardly reasonable price. I remembered how delicious you were. I was delighted to find that you were of the "Classic" variety, not that awful Bacon Cheddar or so-so Ceasar. Classic variety, you are my soulmate in the pasta salad aisle.

I brought you home. I cooked you up. I then proceeded to eat almost every single last pasta morsel you contained. I disregarded the fact that you had 4 servings at 240 calories each. Plus you just tasted so good with that 20 ounce bottle of coke I also brought home.

Well, Suddenly Pasta Salad Classic. I realized today, you have hurt me. I'm trying to lose weight here, but yet you cannot put off your pasta charm. You and your friend coke conspired against me.

We can't keep meeting like this anymore. We just can't be friends. I think it best that we just try to avoid each other from this point forward. No more dinnertime rendevous. I'm sorry that it has to end like this after so many good times.

Your's truly,


  1. I love pasta, especiall if the sauce is made of tomato. I've been eating too much non-Asian food. Sometimes, I feel so sick. Stupid Asian food here at the U-Dist taste like crap, except for Pho. The other day, I catched the bus to the International District. Aww, the Vietnamese sandwich tasted so good. Awwww.

    Oh by the way, do you remember that place that we used to buy Sushi from? I stopped by one day after 3 years and the guy still remember me. Marvelous.

  2. Oh man, last night I had some Wendy's chicken nuggets and afterward I was sooooo sick. I thought I was getting Swine Flu. ha..no seriously, it made me strangely ill.

    Cat, let me tell you. Nothing compares to that sushi place. It may not have been the most authentic is some dishes, but it was the best sushi ever. I've tried a few places here and they just don't measure up. I'm super glad that guy remembers you. That just proves how awesome he is.

  3. i know. he would probably remember you, too, since you bought there more often. Also, I agree with you. Sushi at that place tasted great compared to other places and with reasonable price, too.

  4. Speaking of the Swine flu, my father keeps calling and demanding that I have to buy the surgical masks. I know I have to protect myself and all, but it is so odd to be the only one in the city wearing the mask in public.