May 7, 2009

Moving forward?

I realized the other day as I cracked open my GRE 2009 test prep book (and then subsequently closed it a minute late with a "meh") that I really needed a concrete date on which I would be taking the test.

You see, I'm a procrastinator. I need pressure to feel ALIVE, or at least spur me onto goals. Since I had nothing to shoot for test date wise, I had no drive to study. My dad kindly had offered to pay for the test, so I asked him if he was still up for it this morning.

Thankfully, he was. I'm scheduled to take the test on Saturday, September 19th at 8:30am.

That other day when I cracked the book open, I did manage to take the quick diagnostic test, and woooo boy, I have turned dumb. I have so much work to do, it's not even funny. This is why I scheduled the test 4 months into the future because if I didn't give myself adequate time to fill my brain with some sort of knowledge....yah.

I feel in some way like I'm moving forward with my graduate school initiative. It's kind of scary in a way since I've become so complacent and full of nothingness.

Wish me luck and any study tips are welcome. (-:


  1. Good luck. I am jealous of you.

  2. It will come back to you. Trust me, I've taken enough tests to know. You just need some review. Before my MCAT, I studied for at least 4 hrs everyday for 3 months and it was fine. You can do it!