January 4, 2009

Permission to be lazy...

One of my big problems (of many) is that I never give myself permission to relax. I always feel like I have to do something and if I don't get it done (which is often), I beat myself up a bit for it. This is one reason for my major stress problems.

Today I gave myself permission to have a lazy morning. I decided that I would lay in bed until noon, drink some coffee, watching tv, read a book and just enjoy the morning. It was wonderful. I really need to do that more often.

Despite that, I still managed to get everything I needed to done--which is HUGE. Hair washed, check. Lunches made, check. Dinner made, check. Ran to store, check. Facial done, check. Straightened up, check.

What a great Sunday.

Tomorrow is back to work for me after a week and a half being off. Murgh. Not looking forward to it, but it'll be nice to get back to a routine. January through the spring is a very busy time for me, so I know when I return tomorrow that it'll be full speed ahead in the go-go world of finance. :-/

Also, I am vowing to get up tomorrow and workout. I hate mornings and it'll be hard, but I think if I can conquer that and start my exercise routine, it'll be wonderful. I'm hoping and praying that'll it'll give me energy throughout the day and that it'll be a start to a habit I can stick with. Only tomorrow will tell when the alarm goes off, but here's hoping to a good start to the rest of my life.

Wish me luck!


  1. I am glad that you had a great Sunday. :)

  2. Good luck Sam! Why can't you just live here so we could work out together in the mornings? That would help me out. I too need to exercise. Good for you getting a facial and having a lazy morning! I try to do that as often as I can, it really makes a difference. How are your kitties doing? I hope all is well and that your first day back goes smoothly. I'm praying for you :).


  3. Neva, that would be awesome to workout with you in the mornings! I wished I was back home. /-:

    The kitties are doing well. Playful as ever.