January 3, 2009

An honorable mention..

My husband did good this year for Christmas. He actually remembered something I pointed out a few months ago and got it for me. Of course, I just thought it was cute, not really thinking about wanting it--but I'm sure glad he bought it for me.

If you enjoy the novelty, then you might like this:

Room Tech beingz Alarm Clock

I absolutely adore this thing! You can choose three different alarm sounds, all fantastic, to wake up with. They're not the horrid beeping sounds either--more like cell phone music. I hate alarms and am always jolted out of sleep by them, but this one is very much a gentle-wake alarm clock. It's great because a few minutes before the alarm is set to go off, it'll move it's arms and light up for a few seconds. I find that it helps me not hit the snooze button since it sort of wakes me a bit before the alarm goes off.

It also plays radio and hooks up nicely to an mp3 player (thank you, new iPod Touch.). It will charmingly open it's mouth when you are listening to both and lights up.

AND, to top it off, a fun feature is you can pet its head and it'll smile at you. PLUS, aparently it has a little friend called the Beingz Mood Lamp which will talk to the alarm clock and can coordinate lighting for when you want to wake up. I almost want it!

Anyways, just thought I'd put that out there how much I love this alarm clock. Who'd have thought?

In other news, nothing eventful happened today. We did laundry after not having done so in almost 3 weeks. Library run for cookbooks. Grocery shopping. That's it. I accomplished all I needed to do and the day flew by. Now I'm off to take a shower and relax with the kittens and some newly borrowed books.

Happy Saturday!

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