March 12, 2009

Whiny chick rock?


OKAY. I admit it. I am in major like with the band Paramore. I will also admit with as little shame as possible, that I discovered them from the Twilight Soundtrack. I'm not sure what kind of music this would be classified under--iTunes classifies it as 'alternative' but my husband says it really should be 'whiny chick rock.'

As an aside, I will tell you that I saw Twilight in the theater. I enjoyed Twilight because it was so lame that it was fun. I will buy Twilight when it comes out on DVD because I like to laugh. I like sparkly, somewhat slow vampires and Kristen Stewart's face amuses me one minute and then makes me wonder if she might have down-syndrome (no offense). See, fun! I highly recommend it.

But back to Paramore. Please, if I may recommend a few songs, take a listen:

I Caught Myself (this is my favorite song of their's)
That's What You Get
Misery Business

You should check out their cd Riot! I like every song on there.


  1. I haven't bought the CD, but from the sample music I like the songs I Caught Myself and Crushcrushcrush. Also, remember you talked about that Britney Spears' new CD, Womanizer. I sampled the songs on iTune. I like the song called Circus. Actually, I also bought If U Seek Amy since people talked badly about that song. Just want to see why they don't like it.

  2. I really like the song "Unusual You". I think that one is actually my favorite song off the Britney Spears album. Circus is great though. It's a cool song. And I like that If U Seek Amy one. I totally did not get it until the whole controversy thing started up, and then it was like "oh."

  3. I didn't get the If U Seek Amy thing until the controversy, either. ROFL.