February 22, 2009


I've made no updates for February because I have NO UPDATE. This month has seemingly gone by extremely fast. I cannot believe it's already the last week of the month!! So that said, Feb started off with a bomb of work stress. So much change and so much workload has been crushing me. Hence, I have done nothing this month as far as my January-end goals went--which is a total bummer!

Wait, scratch that, I did manage some progress towards Resolution #10, you know, the style one? Well, here's my short, pointless story: In high school, when I was at my awkwardest, oily, frizzy hair, pimple stage, I managed to get up every morning and put on makeup. Regardless, sometimes it was a bright-blue mascara, purple eyeliner combo (not everyday, but boy)...but still, I did I put on something, every day. Then I graduated high school and continued my awkward stage for a few years, but stopped doing anything to myself. No makeup, no hair styling, nada.

Flash forward to today. I think I've pretty much grown into myself as an adult, my hair's not frizzy, my pimply stage is thankfully over and my want for bright blue mascara has passed. However, I don't put on so much as a smidge of makeup. Not because I'm one of those "Oh, I don't need it" types...because trust me, I DO NEED IT. It's mostly laziness and being stuck in that rut I've mentioned a thousand times. So in a vow to try to look less shitty and tired, I threw out my years old eye shadow and mascara and bought ALL NEW MAKEUP! WOOT!

It was kind of exciting buying it all new again. Now the second part of the deal is I have to make an effort to put it on in the morning....we'll see.

In the second part of this uneventful update, I will mention that I stepped on my Wii Fit and it told me I was..........167 lbs. If this is true, I will need to lose about 40 pounds. I am sad.

The good news is that if I thought I hit my breaking point before, I've definitely hit it now. I'm disgusted with myself for gaining so much weight since January 2007. And now I'm ready to battle it off and try and get myself on track. I'm sick of being a chunk! This is the most I've ever weighed in my life and it terrifies me to be close to 170lbs.

I filled my fridge with produce and lean protein and bought one of those big Igloo lunch coolers. I'm starting small and making a vow to, for one week, starting tomorrow, I will eat only unprocessed foods. Easy right? WRONG.

If I can do it, I think I'll be very proud of myself.

Oh geeze.


  1. Oh man, I hear ya. I'm so tired of being a chunk. I've dropped a little over ten pounds so far (which, incidentally, is only a quarter of how much I want to lose), and hopefully if I can keep resisting junk foods I'll be able to fit reasonably nicely into a swimsuit by July. That doesn't necessarily mean that I won't still be wearing some kind of shirt over my swimsuit to keep the sun off, though! ^.^

    I'm definitely of the 'needs makeup' variety, so I feel the need to tell you that YOU ARE NOT OF THE NEEDS MAKE UP VARIETY. You're FREAKING *PRETTY*. Augh!!! See, I badly need eye-liner and mascara to create a focal point that distracts from my overly wide face and odd features, so I know what I'm talking about.

    *glomps* I really want us to be fit and feeling fabulous by July. We can do it!!!

  2. I know how it is! I used to wear make-up every day, even in college. Now... not so much. I want to be put together so my husband feels proud to take me out in public. (He's so sweet, he tells me that I don't need it... but still!) I *highly* recommend Bare Minerals. I love it! The foundation doesn't clog up your pores since it is just pigment and not oil and it goes on fast and easy. Plus you can even sleep in it, it's that benign. I have sensitive skin and it is the only foundation that wont make me break out or get hives.
    Good job on the produce! I learned that buying frozen produce works better for me since I sometimes don't finish it all and I hate throwing it out. Plus, they freeze the veggies/fruit when they're ripest and often taste better than out of season stuff from the produce part. It is also more cost effective and if you cook it in the microwave, you preserve more nutrients since you steam the stuff not boil it.
    I'm trying to get healthy too, not easy! I'm going to try to sign up for a swimming class at the community center near my house so pray that I'll move my butt and go do it!

    Take care Sam, I'm rooting for you!